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DNA Tuning and the Bastardization Music

Research suggests that A=440Hz frequency music conflicts with human energy centers, from the heart to the base of the spine (ie. the lower four chakras) while the chakras above the heart are stimulated. Theoretically, the vibration stimulates ego and left-brain function, suppressing the "heart-mind," intuition and creative inspiration. So how did we come to have the energetically disruptive A=440 Hz as the musical standard? By Guest Writer Brendan D. Murphy You can follow Brendan on Facebook via @Global Freedom Movement

A Design School Where Nature is Always the Client

Designers are not educated to solve the ecological challenges we face, yet design is a problem-solving skill that is ideally suited to proposing solutions to environmental, social and even economic challenges. But without a deeper design education that addresses these broader issues, design will continue to pursue style over substance.

How can designers be educated to design for the environment? How can they use the power of their design skills to create a world that brings balance back into our lives? Is it possible to balance the needs of the natural world with those of human populations?

Nature's Beauty Inspires Gratitude: Louie Schwartzberg at TEDxSMU

This piece includes his short film on Gratitude and Happiness. Brother David Steindl-Rast's spoken words, Gary Malkin's musical compositions and Louie's cinematography make this a stunningly beautiful piece, reminding us of the precious gift of life, and the beauty all around us.

As a visual artist, Louie has created some of the most iconic and memorable film moments of our time. He is an innovator in the world of time-lapse, nature, aerial and "slice-of-life" photography - the only cinematographer in the world who has literally been shooting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week continuously for more than 30 years.

Louie was recognized as one of the top 70 Cinematographers for the On Film Kodak Salute Series. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Trance-Formation (Full Length) HD
Modern day visionary Max Igan presents his latest documentary "Trance-Formation" which brings some of the most puzzling challenges challenges humanity faces into clear focus, pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together towards one coherent endgame by the ruling elite. "Transhumanism" clearly explains how chemtrails, GMO's, vaccines and so much more are working in sync to change human beings into something much different than nature intended. Max proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this process is already well under way.

Please share this ground-breaking video with everyone, the irrefutable scientific data Max presents in this video is powerful enough to give even the biggest skeptic room for concern. It's safe to say this may be one of the most important films to come out of the alternative research community to date.

Max Igan's website:
Dance The Spiral Never Ending by Kalya Scintilla – Free download at Ektoplazm the Free Music Portal

Traversing the cosmos, gliding across dimensions beyond time and space, Kalya Scintilla brings universal shamanic journeys through his music to planet earth straight from his heart. His music paints sacred soundscapes with world fusion beats, revealing ancient futures hidden within each of us. Dance The Spiral Never Ending, released in 2012 on Merkaba Music, is a lush collection of cosmic gypsy bass music that will take you on a trip through rugged deserts, deep jungles, and hyperdimensional crystalline worlds. Written and produced by Yaegon Lamagaia. Guest vocals by Alice Spacedoll. Mastering by Black Samurai with artwork by Francis McKeon.

Enra -"Pleiades"

Combining elements of dance, performance art, music, technology, light, music and more, the versatile Japanese troupe 'Enra' has stumbled upon magic.

Only a few months after wowing the Olympic Committee with "Fuma-Kai," director Nobuyuki Hanabusa brings another fantastic piece of work with "Pleiades" above.

Giving - A three minute commercial that puts full-length Hollywood films to 'shame'

The Thai telecommunications conglomerate True is getting rave reviews worldwide for its latest spot, "Giving," which tells the story of a man unexpectedly rewarded for a lifetime of good deeds he performed without expecting anything in return.

TrueMove too says it "believes in the power of giving without expecting a return." Which would probably be more meaningful if they were to, say, give away their services and devices for free. Which they are not.

But what the company lacks in commitment to its own philosophy, it more than makes up for in inspirational advertising.

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